About Us

Who We Are

Sandhills Aviation is an aviation service provider focused on providing aviation solutions for geospatial companies. Based out of the Millard Airport (KMLE), just outside of Omaha and Lincoln, we have the experience to accommodate your aviation needs. We are currently operating a mix of Cessna 172 and Piper Aztec aircraft that we lease out to our customers, who provide the geospatial equipment to put into our platform.

Sandhills Aviation conducts aerial survey missions primarily from November–May throughout the contiguous United States, with occasional operations being conducted throughout the summer.

Our management team has many years of direct experience acting as both imagery pilots and fleet managers, so we are prepared to handle the logistics from the ground up for all of our customer’s data acquisition needs.

Our History

Sandhills Aviation, LLC was founded in May 2015 in a response to an opportunity to work with Pictometry International, Inc (now EagleView Technologies), in an effort to expand their capacity to capture aerial imagery. Our founders, who had worked directly with Pictometry in some shape or fashion since 2007, were excited about the prospect of working with a growing, successful company.  Our company currently operate 4 Cessna 172 Skyhawks and 4 Piper Aztecs for our aerial survey division, but are always in a state of growth.  With operational and maintenance bases out of Wahoo, NE (KAHQ) and Mesa, AZ (KFFZ), we are strategically positioned ourselves to be able to provide many resources for our customers.

The future of Sandhills Aviation is in the progress of being written, and we offer many opportunities for those interested in a career in aviation.  Our current staff, including our imagery pilots, make us who we are today. Sandhills Aviation aircraft are in service seven days a week, 12 months a year, in contracts ranging from small, single-site missions to large-scale, recurring annual projects. This dynamic and exciting environment makes Sandhills Aviation a unique place to work, while also being one of the few aviation companies out there to offer low-time pilots an opportunity to fly.  We are looking forward to what the future has to offer.