Aircraft Maintenance

See below for more information on our maintenance resources available, to better facilitate our aerial survey aircraft.

Dependable Maintenance Solutions

Sandhills Aviation works directly with Sierra Bravo Aviation out of our main hub in Wahoo, Nebraska, and with Launch Pad Aviation out of our satellite location in Mesa, Arizona. Sierra Bravo also serves the Lincoln/Omaha area of Eastern Nebraska and Launch Pad services the greater Phoenix area. Both of our shops, along with our dedicated 3rd party maintenance shop resources we have built trust with over many years, ensure our aircraft are always taken care of in a safe, timely fashion.

Qualified Mechanics

Sierra Bravo Aviation has 2 IA’s and 3 A&Ps on staff while Launch Pad Aviation has 1 IA and 1 A&P on staff. These companies are owned by the same owner group for Sandhills Aviation, so we have direct influence on coordinating their capacity and availability to better serve our fast turnaround times required of our customers.

Aircraft Modifications

Our maintenance network has over 6 years of experience modifying our own and customer aircraft to various specifications within the Supplemental Type Certificates provided by our customers. If you have a specific platform requiring major alteration and modification, contact us with more details so we can connect you to our fabrication specialists.

For more information regarding your aircraft maintenance needs, here is the appropriate contact information:

Steven Sherwood

Sierra Bravo Aviation LLC
1464 E 34th St
Wahoo, NE 68066