Past Projects

Here are some images taken from some of the many projects we have mapped over the years.


We had the honor to conduct a variety of projects in our home state of Nebraska. After traveling around the country, it is nice to see customers even in underpopulated areas of the country see the value in aerial imagery. After many out-of-state pilots we hire flew our state, they came to realize the significance of “There is no place like Nebraska”. Welcome to the Good Life!

Chicago, IL

We often work with other vendors for our customers on much larger projects, such as the Chicago metropolitan area, where we mapped the Southwestern quadrant of this area. Our communication skills are second-to-none, as our management team is always on-call to assist our customers with the ever-changing demands, such as new customer requests or weather events.

Phoenix, AZ

Along with flying the main imaging season October-May, we have the flexibility to map areas of the country requested before and after most other imagery companies are not yet operational. Here we were tasked with mapping the entire metropolitan area of Phoenix, a very large project with significant ATC constraints.

Houston, TX

Our pilots once again mapped a huge metropolitan area, this time Houston, TX. Using all of our available aircraft during massive flooding events, we were able to work around the inclement weather, with our diligent pilots always being available, to complete this project ahead of schedule.

Rochester, NY

Despite being primarily tasked with missions close to our own headquarters, we have the experience and capability to work projects all over the contiguous United States.

Palm Springs, CA

From East to West, we have mapped projects as far Southwest as you can pretty much go. This type of flying will give our new pilot additions the experience they seek, working alongside our company veterans, to mold them into the type of commercial pilot that can get the work done.

Midwest Pipeline

While most of our mapping operations are square grids mapping large sectors, our pilots can facilitate corridor-type mapping, such as this massive pipeline project we flew. No type of flight operations is too difficult for us to map!

White Sands, NM

We were tasked to image the White Sands Missile Range basing out of El Paso, TX (KELP). Our seasoned pilots successfully coordinated ground and flight operations with multiple military installations to complete our portion of the project ahead of schedule. Our pilots have the experience to navigate any airspace required to get the imagery you request.