Pilot Bridge Program

Flight training with aerial imaging experience to get you qualified

Sandhillls Aviation partners with Taylor-Made Flight Training, a local FAA Part 61 flight training operation, to assist in training pilots to qualify for future aerial imaging positions. Sandhills Aviation’s operations are constantly expanding! The need for more-than qualified pilots to operate our Cessna 172 and Piper Aztec aircraft for our imagery operations is in high demand by us. In short, going through Taylor-Made to obtain your flight ratings qualifies you for an almost immediate imagery pilot position. The average pilot flying Sandhills Aviation imagery operations obtains on average 700 flight hours a year flying through all types of airspace. 

The aircraft we fly are more complex than traditional imagery outfits utilize, so the need for highly qualified pilots is necessary to fulfill keeping the aircraft we fly airworthy and the safety requirements we adhere to.

Taylor-Made Flight Training offers FAA Part 61 flight training to those who wish to obtain their private, instrument, and commercial ratings. Taylor-Made’s staff of Certified Flight Instructors have aerial imaging pilot experience and works directly with Sandhills Aviation to satisfy our pilot qualification needs.

Please visit https://www.flytaylormade.com/ if you wish to obtain more information regarding the pilot bridge program.